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A picture paints a thousand words

As many of you know, I express myself and parts of my journey in my tattoo choices. There have been a variety of reasons why I have chosen some of my designs, and wanted to share

this one with you as it represents me, my clients, and the work we do together.

Jiminy Cricket came first as a lot of people said they imagined me sitting on their shoulders

helping them to make different choices in their real lives.

Jiminy represents many areas of therapy work, and for me, it starts with finding a way to be your authentic and true self. He encourages us to learn right from wrong and to create our own moral compass. He teaches us the importance of listening to our conscience and letting our own inner Jiminy help us resist temptation, and make the healthier choices that lead to a happier, more fulfilled life.

The lotus flower symbolises self-realisation, purity, strength, resilience, and rebirth. It represents the magic that can happen in therapy, and gives hope of reaching that more

enlightened place where you are at the centre of your universe. When we do the work to allow all of this to happen, we can finally rise up from a dark place, into a place of beauty and rebirth. The work allows you to let go of old and outdated rules and conditions, to let go of many of those things that hurt you. It allows you to become the person you were always meant to be.

Having the caterpillar rising up to becoming the butterfly represents so many of the changes

we need to go through. We leave behind the known and comfortable. We go through a phase of incubation and letting go of our old selves. We then start emerging as enlightened beings, ready to embrace the life we have. There are many stages of transformation that all us humans go through, and cannot avoid. Once we become our own butterfly, this shows our own change and personal growth, hope, and escape from what held us back.

Images really are magical. They are a universal language that can be seen and understood around the world.

If you have something that represents you or part of your journey, whether this be a tattoo,

an object, a piece of art, a photo, or even a place, I would love to hear about it. Being a very visual thinker, I would love to see an image of it if you would like to share it. Or, perhaps, there is something you would like to find or create to represent you?

I would love to hear more.


Did you know... I provide a non-judgemental safe space for you.

I specialise in online sessions and offer face-to-face appointments. My therapy room is based in Alton, Hampshire. I'm based just 15 minutes from Basingstoke and Farnham and at the end of a direct train line from London Waterloo.

Please get in touch if you'd like to learn more or arrange an initial consultation.

It's good to talk. Talk helps.


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