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About Me

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I have always been interested in people, what makes them tick, and looking at our differences. Having been brought up in a very judgemental household, I learned very early in life to accept others for who they are and to embrace all our quirks.


I often stand out as being different from others, and learning about my neurodiversity brought me so much understanding and acceptance of myself.

Supporting others to understand and accept themselves is such a wonderful part of my work as a counsellor, and I feel very privileged to be in a position to offer this.


My journey into counselling started when I worked in mental health services. It was part of my role to assess new clients and support them to access the right services for them. Time and time again I was told that I was the first person who really listened to them, the first person who actually seemed interested in who they were. This made me incredibly sad that this was the experience for many people, and this started my thinking about how I could support others more effectively, without the constraints of organisational rules or someone else telling me how to do my job. The restrictions in these roles were difficult as I never felt I was able to offer what my clients really needed.


Many people have commented that “having a chat” won’t solve their problems, and have criticised how therapy could possibly help. What I learned in my own therapy was how powerful it was to have someone hear, and accept, my truth. To help me consider other perspectives, start to recognise that I was not the person I had always been told I was, and, to learn to accept myself and see myself in a better light.


Having a trusted professional helped me on my journey to healing childhood traumas, recognise behaviours that had hurt me time after time, and learn to be the best version of myself that I could be in many situations. This is why I chose the name I did for my practice, as I had experienced for myself that Talk Helps.

Whilst I have not suffered everything that clients bring with them, I have experienced enough to have some view of what might hurt. I will be curious about how things have affected you and will encourage you be to just as curious; asking questions such as "What you have tried previously to feel better?", and I will listen to your truth without judgement, and with no agenda.

How do I work?

I give you the space and support you need to explore your thoughts and feelings.

I will support you in resolving your issues and will provide you with a safe space.

I will work with you to find some insight into how to bring about positive changes in your life and relationships.

I am qualified in Humanistic Counselling with TA (Transactional Analysis) which means I have a holistic approach to my work. I will support you by talking about your life and how you would like it to change.

I offer some coping skills for those tough moments when things can seem overwhelming.

By working together our sessions will be focused on what is important to you.

I am here for as long as you need me - depending on your requirements. Working on a one-to-one basis, face-to-face, or a video platform. ​


My qualifications:

  • Post Qualification Diploma in Counselling Supervision

  • BA (Hons) in Humanistic and Integrative Counselling

  • Foundation Degree in Humanistic Counselling based on TA

  • Level 3 Counselling Skills and Theory

  • Level 3 Diploma in Health and Social Care



  • TQUK level 2 Certificate in Understanding Autism

  • Rewind Technique for PTSD

  • Couples Counselling 

  • TA 101 - Transactional Analysis 

  • Addictions

  • Mindfulness

  • Managing Difficult Behaviours

  • Working with identity and self-esteem in young people with eating disorders

  • Working with young people who self harm


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Please get in touch if you'd like to learn more about me, or my services.  

Call me on 07858 741204  or email me at

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