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Your safe space.

Hello there.
I’m Julie Jenner (she/her) -
a neurodivergent counsellor.
I work online, which adds more flexibility and the chance for you to be where you are most comfortable. Come on in, take a look around, and make yourself at home.

I do not have any spaces right now, and if you would like to be added to my waiting list, please click here 

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A warm welcome.

I first started my counselling training after working in mental health for a few years and kept hearing from clients that I was the first professional that actually listened to them. Their experience was often that nobody wanted to hear their story, and were just interested in whether or not they were doing what was expected, and they were not given time that felt like it was about them. As a counsellor, your time spent with me is all about you.


As someone who was diagnosed as neurodivergent very late in life, I have lived experience of how difficult life can be without the right help, support, and understanding, and what a huge difference it can make to have the right understanding about myself. Since discovering my own neurodiversity, I have also discovered how difficult it can be to get the right support and understanding. Throughout my own training and therapy, I wish I had known what a difference it could have made to my journey to have had the chance to work with someone who was also neurodivergent.


My training helped me see and accept where some of my difficulties came from but did not take into account that I don’t think, act or process like a neurotypical person. Finally knowing this difference was life-changing for me, and it brought many more layers and colours to how I work. 


Finding the right counsellor for you, one you really feel you can be yourself with and feel accepted is so important.


Counsellors all have different approaches and skill sets, and it is a very personal, human choice. This is why I encourage you to meet with as many as you need to before making a decision. I offer a free initial consultation to give you the chance to decide if I could be the right counsellor for you.


Together, we will explore your current life and what you find difficult, or what makes you unhappy or uncertain. We can look at possible links with early life experiences and start to untangle the here-and-now issues from early beliefs, and in this can look at repeated behaviours and what you could put in place to bring some clarity and healing.


I offer a very human experience, and, always aim to be authentic in my responses. I will draw on real-life experience to help you unpick and uncover the root causes. I have no magic wand, and I cannot fix everything for you - however, I will offer what I can to aid you in finding the right answers for you.


Coming to counselling could be the start of something life-changing.


You might not know exactly what is “wrong”, and we will try to find these answers together. Having an unbiased perspective from someone who is not emotionally invested in your life, from someone who is not going to be offended or hurt by your truth, yet offers you the chance to speak freely and discuss things you might not feel comfortable saying out in your real world.

That's me. That's how I can help.

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If you'd like to get in touch - please email me.

I'm here for you! 

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