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What is Supervision?

Supervision is a collaborative space where we work with what you need on the day and ultimately starts with you. We are all professionals who have gone through our training, and I believe that our best work is done when we feel able to share openly and without fear of judgement or an agenda.

Supervision is not just for us counsellors, but for anyone working with vulnerable clients, or who have stressfull jobs and nowhere else to offload. There are many jobs which require you to deal with difficult situations, painful emitions, and generally having a heavy burden. Supervision is here to support you so that you can continue to work in a way that is healthy for you, and allows you to do your best.


As with counselling, finding the right supervisor for you is a very personal choice. I do not claim to be an expert, and I encourage joint curiosity and learning. I feel my job is to encourage you to be the best you can, to work to your own values, to think outside the box and discover your own ways of working and to support you in remaining ethical and true to your work. I keep a very real, human feel to my work and believe this helps keep the work fresh and relevant. 


I am a bit of an eclectic person, so I like to draw on all kinds of modalities and creative ways of working. My base is TA and Integrative, and have found that my open ways of working can incorporate whichever modality is your preference.

We will tailor our time together in a way that works for you. Whether you want one monthly session, or fortnightly, I will aim to work with what is better for you. I am available between sessions if something urgent comes up, and I would encourage you to get in touch if you needed to.


My emphasis for supervision is you, and checking in with any real life which could impact your work. In checking that you are ok, we can look at any areas where more support might be needed. Your client work is important, obviously, and I also offer support with any other areas of your business that you might need help with. For example, I am happy to share my experiences with setting up my business, finding clients, and other relevant areas which could benefit you. I do not keep to a specific structure, and each supervision session will be centered around what you need.

As a senior accredited registrant with NCPS (National Counselling & Psychotherapy Society), I adhere to their ethical guidelines. You may belong to a different professional body and we can discuss differences and see how they work together.

I want to learn more.

In the first instance, I offer an initial meeting, either face-to-face or online, to see if we are a good fit for each other. This is kept fairly informal and there is no charge for this. There is no obligation for you to then say you would like to work with me, and I would encourage you to “interview” more supervisors before making a decision.

I work both face-to-face in my therapy room in Alton and online using Skype. I do not have a paid-for Zoom account but am happy to use this method if it is what you prefer. I have experienced both of these options as working very well and we can discuss what is the better option for you.


My fees are £60 per hour for individuals, and £90 per hour for groups of up to 4.


Sessions can be flexible and length negotiated according to your needs.

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